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AviMD, Insurance services

You are in safe hands with the forthcoming uncertainties to hamper the flow of life. We are a profound shelter of your autonomy. To be assured, get insured!

Our unique insurance model is proficiently crafted by managerial analytics, healthcare modalities, and medicinal sciences to provide you the wholesome insurance value for contented orderliness in life.

Economic growth

The money you put in insurance will return to you in a cut-above form of financial coverage or reimbursement. In the end, the right policies will get you income protection and a controlled economy with sustainable living.

Protection and certainty

Sudden risks are overwhelming to the mind and body. Protect any form of monetary weight that is implicit in you from unforeseeable contingencies. Like cancer care protection is a great call for help nowadays in emerging challenging times of healthcare to give the best insurance plan.

Immediate assistance

We collaborate to provide monetary assistance to clients who get risk-exposed and guard their troublesome time with premium policies.


About me

I, Avi Deshmukh, am a physician with MD, MBA, MS in healthcare informatics, and MHA degrees. An experienced Physician with a master’s in business, healthcare informatics, and healthcare management and a retired US veteran offering your needs analysis for life, health, accident protection, mortgage protection benefit, and education protection of children when most needed.

We pride ourselves on professional and kind care. Being proud veterans’ ethics and honesty are embedded in our business model. We salute those who served in the US arm forces.

It stands us out from other insurance companies.


(24/7). Your call will be answered within 5 working days.

Texas insurance License certification number -- 2872992


We are one go-to for all insurance kinds!

Any unpredictable circumstances can come up with disturbances and even breakdowns. Severe health conditions, death, loss, clash, accident, bankruptcy, educational loan, etc. can be much tolerable if you opt for our insurance services which manage your risk with financial security and hands-on final expenses. In comparison to extensive returns, it’s equivalent to no-cost benefits.


It’s a protection plan that can assist you even during the policy tenure. It is recommended people are dependent on you e.g., children, spouse, senior member, etc.

Financial protection

If it’s a matter of health, be it an illness or a life-threatening situation then it pays straight to the health services without any delay or struggle. We value human health.

Accident and death protection

Sudden life-damaging situations like losing a limb, accident, and death; all come under this protection to provide financial coverage.

Supplementary healthcare benefit

Get extra healthcare benefits that are not majorly covered under a regular health insurance policy. Supplemental health insurance will be an add-on to your health benefits.

Education Protection

Secure your child’s future with this protection plan so that no constraint can hinder a free flow of education acquirements.

Mortgage protection

If mortgage-backed securities are hampered due to death, defaults in payment, losses, or likewise, then it compensates lenders or investors, whether it be public or private.

whole life

It's a lifetime supportive policy that has higher benefits, no expiry or renewal term. Smart people invest in themselves.


Why choose the AviMD Insurance plans

An experienced medical background with Business degrees with management experience. With medical background I bring special value to Insurance business for Life and Healthcare.


Get an insurance quote to get started

Time to empower your health and financial security with expert need analysis and protection plan.

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We believe in providing the best insurance plan to our customers. We are good at catering to all health and insurance needs with great precision.

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